Steam microwave oven electromagnetic pump voltage AC230 240V 50Hz power 9W in Pumps from Home Improvement

Steam microwave oven electromagnetic pump voltage AC230 240V 50Hz power 9W in Pumps from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Usage: Water

Structure: Piston Pump

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Model Number: WDCB-A1-Electromagnetic pump

Theory: Electromagnetic Pump

Brand Name: LPUP

Fuel: magnetic force

Pressure: 0.6bar

Power: 9W

Application: Steam microwave

material: : plastic

Performance: : Automatic

Number of impellers:: single stage

Pump shaft position:: horizontal

Suction diameter:: 3.5 (mm)

Outlet diameter:: 3.5 (mm)

Flow rate:: 0-0.0003




Extract liquid: pure water 20 ° C
Ambient temperature: 0-60 ° C
Working mode: continuous work
Insulation level: H class
Maximum pressure: 0.6bar
Flow rate (OBar): 10-50ml/min
Noise: <35dB
Life: more than 1000 hours
Working environment: not immersed in water
Features: This product has precise and stable flow, small error range, low noise, low power and long service life. The product has excellent sealing performance and no liquid leakage.
Steam tow
Steam cleaner
Steam iron
Steam microwave
Medical equipment
Disinfection cabinet
Electric ironing machine
Hanging machine
Electrical pumping
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